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The Light of Jesus Shines in Kibera Kenya

We are so thankful that the Kibera fellowship is good. In spite of the many testimonies of fever, malaria and difficulty in obtaining daily bread because of prolonged rain (many brethren here are hand to mouth workers and when it’s raining much they can not get any work and business is also low) we rejoice in Jesus. We pray always for the Lord to provide and I started again the feeding program for children. We are also praying for the Siaya widows for God to provide as we bless these precious souls with the help of a few brethren thousands of miles away.

Much regards from Siaya widows fellowship and community for what God is doing there through WFF/GMFC. Thanks so much. We thank God not only for Sunday fellowship but fellowship with the brethren all week. Heavy morning rain but service was good from children to adults. God bless all our sponsors through GMFC/WFF. Amen. -Bro Joseph Otieno (Kibera & Siaya Kenya Overseer)

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You may sponsor brother Joseph and the Kibera Slum team as they help the downtrodden in one of the most impoverished places on earth by clicking here. Also, you may give one time below.

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