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A GrandMOTHER 2 Many Orphans in Kenya

March 15, 2021, 10:22 AM: We had a blessed fellowship with the Kibera brethren.
We, including the orphans in Kenya, thank you so much dear brother and the few GMFC partners who are praying for and supporting us. May God bless you so much
. Please pray for my mother, she is sick complaining of malaria. She’s been using some of the natural medicine but she is still feeling unwell. I have to go back to Siaya to see her condition and to see what next to do.

March 26, 2021, 5:22 AM: Thanks for the prayers dear brother, Kibera is good, brethren are ok and praising Jesus. I traveled to Siaya and have been taking care of my mother, who is sick with malaria taking her for treatment daily for four days. She is still very weak but I’m seeing improvement in her health and she’s responding well. My mother is a guardian for orphans here in Siaya left by my three brothers who died. I wish her a full recovery. I’m taking her for treatment right now fourth day.

March 26, 2021, 1:04 PM: Sadly, here we are in a third Wave of coronavirus and we’re being locked again by the government. Nairobi totally locked out now. No entering or moving out plus early night curfew from midnight today. This decimates the ability for the day labours to make their daily pay for daily bread. Also, pray for brother Caleb’s widow. We talked on the phone today and her elder son wisas so sick. She begged for our prayers.

April 11, 2021, 12:05 PM: Thanks so much dear brother, keep on praying for us. The Kibera fellowship, we’re going government Lock down yet again and curfew. All church and public gathering are prohibited and all churches are closed due to third wave of covid-19. People are forced to work at home if it’s a must for the few who can. We are meeting in homes to worship Jesus as no one can shut down GOD. Life is hard here as Kibera residents are hand to mouth people and many places of work are closed. Siaya brethren are good, thanks for prayers. It’s planting time and people are busy doing farm work, I’m also one of them planting potatoes as it’s our best food for fighting hunger. My mother is well after recovering from malaria, she thanked you for prayers and the orphans she is taking care of are happy now. Caleb’s family I promised to visit them, they’re waiting for me and I have to go back there to proclaim Jesus and all He can do in their time of loss. Goats are well, so big and three are expecting.

April 19, 2021, 1:56 PM: Praise Jesus dear brother as I respond to your request on our greatest needs. We still have many needs but some we can’t do right now because of lockdown. Kibera slum we need Bibles and help for some of our selected widows business (micro finance). In Siaya we need two widows homes, a water storage tank and a corn mill for our personal use and to provide income for the dear brethren. We pray dear brother for God to continue to open many doors for resources as needs are so much here. In regards to the local sisters sewing dresses, it will cost $20 for the dress, katastole, headcovering and labour for each set (all inclusive of labour and materials). Thanks so much and receive greetings from Caleb’s family , my mother and all Siaya and Kibera slum brethren and of course, the orphans in Kenya. Thanks also on behalf of Caleb’s family. I met and ministered to them and they thanked you for blessings. Be blessed dear brother, Amen.

-Bro Joseph Otieno (Kibera & Siaya Kenya Overseer)


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