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Kibera Slum (Nairobi)

Overseer of Kibera Slum (Nairobi) & Siaya Kenya Discusses Our Mission Together

Listen to Joseph tell us a small percentage of what we have accomplished together since partnering together in 2017. CLICK HERE TO HELP BRO JOSEPH REACH MORE SOULS

The Brethren in Action Treating a Horrible Jigger Outbreak

Simply: click here for all the Endebees, Kenya photos and videos and click here for the Kibera Slum & Siaya, Kenya photos and videos directly from the mission fields in the last 30 days.December 7th, 2023 we were asked for help to eradicate Jiggers we found eating the feet, hands,Read More

2023 Update Working Faith Fellowship Kibera Slum & Siaya Kenya – Global Mission for Children

Fishing for Souls & Farming for Life in Siaya & Kibera Kenya

Global Mission 4 Children Chat Transcript Raw Mission Update Siaya & Kibera Slum September 2023

A Must Watch 82 Seconds About What We Do

Siaya Kibera Slum Jesus Christian Update

Ministering Jesus in the Kibera Slum & Siaya Kenya

The WFF mission for Jesus continues in the Kibera Slum and Siaya Kenya. Below is a video update on both mission fields. Below you will find the latest updates for our other mission fields in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, India and Bangladesh. All future updates will be posted at these linksRead More

dump slum kolkata poverty donate

Does Your Son or Daughter or Sibling Live in a Dump?

These people are not lazy… They did not get themselves in this situation (living in a dump) like so many (not all) on the streets of the 1st World do. To absolutely no fault of their own, these precious souls were viciously lied to and have ended up living inRead More

Kibera Slum Nairobi Kenya Siaya Working Faith Fellowship Brethren 2-2023 Banner

The Least on Earth Shall be the Greatest in Heaven

Few will enter Heaven Jesus clearly teaches, and He also says the least on earth (of course speaking of true, obedient, humble Christians “walking as he walked” 1st John 2:6) shall be the greatest in Heaven (Matthew 18:4). The dear brethren in our Kibera Slum and Siaya (Western) Kenya missionRead More

Feeding the Poor Spiritually & Physically

We continue to see many blessings as we serve the poor in the Kibera Slum and Siaya Kenya. Please view the video update below and see what we have been doing the last 6 weeks. Please click here as prices for food have doubled in the last year and manyRead More

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