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Brethren’s Homes Crushed in the Kibera Slum

URGENT UPDATE 7-25-2018:

Our indigenous mission leader in the Kibera Slum, brother Joseph Otieno, brings us this update:

Thanks so much for all the prayers brethren. The destruction of thousand of homes is now over. Many thousands are affected and no space in Kibera to resettle people and they can’t afford to live outside the slum as it’s way too expensive for slum dwellers.

We are now counting the lose brethren. I thank God in our fellowship only Four so far lost their homes. The affected are our Church elder brother Clement and three of our sisters. 
  • Brother Clement Wesonga who is a church elder. He has a wife and six children who lost many belongings to looters. They are now helped by our church member who is his neighbour but need to find a place of their own as it’s incredibly cramped in the hut they are sharing.
  • Sister Eunice Adhiambo Mother of four children is now living in our church until we can get funding for her.
  • Sister Pamela Adoyo, a widow with six children is now living in our church until we can get funding for her.
  • Sister Caroline Achieng is now living in our church until we can get funding for a hut for her.
Some schools were demolished and remaining schools are back to class.
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UPDATE 7-24-2018: What is your biggest “problem” today Christian? Many brethren in the Kibera Slum are homeless today! They lived in these “homes”, which are basically mud and steel sheet huts, some for decades and evicted with just a 2 week notice with nowhere to go! (30,000 total displaced)!

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Praise Jesus brethren, a good Sunday fellowship but yesterday’s service was a bit heavy as some brethren were worried and many didn’t attend the church service because the government demolished of all structures built on road reserves in the Kibera Slum. Some of our brethren are staying in these structures and no warning was given as they just came in and started to demolish their homes. Here is a video from this morning of homes being destroyed. Children were taught by brother Peter. The topic was “How to Pray”. Adult message was in the book of Isaiah 55:6-7 and Matthew 7:7-11

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