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Pastor George is Walking on Gold Streets & GOATS for SIAYA

As bro Joseph was finally able to travel from the Kibera Slum, where he lives, to Siaya, where he grew up and where we have a fellowship (after 4 months of COVID lockdown), he found his younger (biological and spiritual) brother sick. Just a couple days later, bro George was dead. He was the pastor of our Siaya, Kenya fellowship and will be surely missed. He was walking holy with Jesus and we now rejoice no more poverty, no more sorrow and no more pain. Bro Joseph updates:

Thanks dear brethren for much prayers we’re through the funeral and God was on our side. Many people attended the burial, glory to Jesus and we remain in peace as Jesus is the Lord and God. We now have three goats and thanks so much to those who have helped us and all glory to Jesus. We’ve started feeding them and are expecting much blessings will come out of them in form of daily nutritious milk and meat. The need is so great in this impoverished land, please pray for more people to open their hearts to the one’s crying our for daily bread. God bless.

-Bro Joseph Otieno
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