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Physical & Spiritual Healing in the Kibera Slum

Imagine you, yes you can be part of something so very special. For just $3 per month per person, you can provide neem oil and moringa powder to one child (or adult). This gives them their complete daily nutritional needs in a slum where there is no nutrition. Their staple is rice and is 90%+ of their intake (when they can afford a bit as many go without some days). Their immune systems are so very weak and this is why 22,000 children under the age of 5 years old die DAILY. Join me. -James Miller

Brother Joseph, our Kibera Slum leader adds:

We thank God for fellowship, spiritual and practical life saving nutrition. Week 2 of giving our brethren physical hope in the slum, a new natural medicine to us but much easier to use than traditional pharma which most all can’t afford anyway. All brethren are thanking our supporters for big blessings and free medical camp. We’re praying for all to be well and the sick to receive their healing. We are also praying we can turn this from weekly administration to at least 3 times per week. God bless those who stand with us for Jesus’ glory. AMEN. -Bro Joseph

Help us Provide Nutrition, Immune Support & Coronavirus / Malaria Prevention

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