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A Huge Prayer for the Kibera Slum Fellowship


We are bering very judicious as to not take on any major projects as we have lost over 65% of our donors as so many hate the real Jesus. With that said, we recently raised money for a dear elder in our Kibera Slum Church (brother John Omondi) to help him buy a home for his family after the one they were living in burnt to the ground. The brethren started to look for a new home but are finding it very hard as tens of thousands of homes in the slum have been bulldozed down in the last year due to the government putting up a new road. We bought 3 huts for our overseer, brother Joseph Otieno a bit over a year ago. We were also blessed to buy 3 of them for 3 widows and their children back in December 2018. God has blessed these souls greatly. A recent revelation came about as the person that owns the last 4 huts under our church (there are 10 total) is offering us the last 4 even in this tough real estate market. The price per home is now $600usd. We bought the 1st 3 for $400 each, the 2nd 3 for $500 each and now, after the countless demolitions of innocent peoples homes who are left homeless for the most part, we are able to buy them for $600 usd each. Even though there was a price increase, with the market conditions as they are, we believe it’s fair. Most importantly, in an unstable part of the world, this will give us total control of the entire block which includes the 10 huts on the ground and our church built on top of them.

The video below was updated 2-21-2019. Pray to help us financially complete what we believe is God’s will. Of course, these huts will be used for the poorest of the poor brethren. Thanks much and to Jesus be all the glory. AMEN

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