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A One of a Kind Blessing in Siaya Kenya From 10,000 Miles Away

Hello brethren, I am back in Nairobi, glory to Jesus. It was a relatively safe Godly journey in the presence of God with lovely fellowship with brethren from far county Moi’s Bridge. God bless them, I was blessed to be with them as were the Siaya brethren as they met them for the first time. I thank the Lord for blessed fellowship.We all in Kibera Slum, Siaya and Moi’s Bridge give a big thanks to all who sponsor and support us through the Working Faith Fellowships of Global Mission for Children. Receiving these homemade dresses and head coverings were truly a blessing of their life time. On behalf of those widows and “least of these”, I thanked our dear sisters and brothers of Living Faith Christian Fellowship church in the USA for all those beautiful dresses. God bless you. Siaya fellowship was a big one, one of a kind as many were interested of the great blessings that were being bestowed on these dear sisters. I passed your regards to the Siaya brethren, they are all well and thanking God for giving them another year. I started fellowship with an introduction, then, I taught on “Modesty”, a powerful message. Secondly, we gave out the dresses, glory to Jesus. What great blessings they have and will cherish, forever.   

Each and everyone received her blessings made by godly souls almost 10,000 miles away. Thanks to those who sweat to make this happen. After the presentation, things were so emotional, hallelujah. Praise and worship went into the air thanking God for the blessings. After that, I summarized my teaching with James 1:27. Then, I welcomed brother Haron. Such a great word that God gave brother Haron to preach from the book of Colossians. We praised Jesus with songs and raised His name higher above all names, amen. We prayed for all our Fellowships and our mission leader and his family. God bless you.

The next part of our journey from Sega, Siaya county to Kalandin, Siaya County went smoothly with no delays and things went on well. We were going to pick up the 10 sewing machines the LORD blessed us with to prepare for the training next week in Kibera. Haron and the brethren from Moi’s Bridge boarded a bus with their blessings back home. I and a brother from Nairobi also boarded an overnight bus back to Nairobi. To our surprise and unexpectedly, this part of the trip got quite expensive to transport the 7 sewing machines due to the great corruption in Kenya. As we reached Nairobi, I was arrested by corrupt Kenyan police fo absolutely no reason other than I had 7 sewing machines with tables that they could confiscate until I paid them. I had no choice, I paid them their unrighteous ransom and they released the machines. After that, I thank God all machines reached the Kibera Slum, our home base. The condition of the machines after along journey was quite good. Only one table stand got broken (the wheel holder). This one we’ll buy for it electric motor so that part will be unnecessary anyway. I oiled and tested the sewing machines and they are going to work great for our mission. I have 25 years experience as a tailor and will be holding the GMFC – WFF Sewing Training next week from the morning of the 23rd through the night of the 26th (4 good days and nights). Brother Haron is bringing 3 brethren for training from Moi’s Bridge and brother William will be bringing a total of 4 (2 from Moyale, Northern Kenya & 2 from Golole Goda Ethiopia). We will then have fellowship here in Kibera on the 27th, Sunday, before they head home. Brethren, please pray for the fellowship and training. Thanks so much to all the brethren who are making things like this happen. We will be making these beautiful dresses starting next week. God bless you abundantly. -Brother Joseph Otieno

Brother Joseph testing and preparing for the 4 day training next week.

Pictures from the entire trip.

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