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Fellowship, Worship & Lifting up Jesus in the Open-Air in Siaya Kenya

Amen brethren and big glory to the Lord Jesus. I’m back in the Kibera Slum and I thank God brethren for working prayer and what our dear supporters are doing as we minister together even though we are thousands of mile away. God bless you. I traveled to Siaya Village and the fellowship was so full of the Holy Spirit, many were so blessed. I thank God brethren because l passed your greetings to them as you requested, they are happy because of the support program from GMFC/WFF. It’s a hope giving program to them that they still have a chance to live.

I prayed for the many widows old souls(and others). Many have been sick and some are so lonely staying without anybody to take care of them. Widows are forgotten in Kenya. We are bringing them LIGHT. We are continuing in prayer for God to heal them and to have joy in Jesus. The fellowship was good and the preaching was on “JESUS IS COMING”. John 14:1 and Isaiah 1:2 ….. Many are rebelling and falling away and surely the Lord is coming…. I just request more prayer for the widows and for God to provide for and to heal them. I love their happiness but this visit many were very tired(worn out). Mark 10:-27… with God, all things are possible.

Also while in Siaya, I was called to preach in the open-air at a market, it was so blessed. I raised Jesus flag to my clan members where I grew up. I thank God for that opportunity he gave me to help someone there 2 Samuel 9:1-5. Lastly, I have been discipling a brother in Siaya who will be a good leader there. We are also training elders there to manage fellowship. To Jesus be all the glory. AMEN

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