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The Widows of Western Kenya Experience True Working Faith

As people in America and the rest of the developed world “worry” about what food from all the choices they have in their fridge or simply choosing what restaurant to go to, the rest of the world starves and lives in great poverty as 30,000 people (21,000 children under 5) die daily from man-made poverty. Below you will see widows and get just a small glimpse of their struggles. One video will display a widow carrying cow dung to her home as they use this to build and patch up the small mud huts they live in and another a precious child and his widowed mother. Through it all, they give glory to Jesus in thought, word and deed (even on their front door)!

Now ask yourself, how much more can you give, more importantly, WWJD?!? Go to that restaurant, go on that expensive vacation, buy unnecessary clothes, etc or give all to the poor as He commanded? How about that cable bill you pay monthly for useless “programming” (filthy TV)? You want to know how far $35 goes each month in the 3rd world? We can nourish an entire school with the superfood Moringa with that $$$! How about that “iPhone) you bought for a couple hundred dollars when you can get a perfectly good one that is functional for free?? Read Matthew 25:33-46. If that does not convince you, read James 5:1-6, and remember, 80% of the world lives on less than $10(USD) per day, 50% on less than $2.50(USD) per day and over a BILLION on less than $1.25(USD) per day. If you are reading this, you are most likely “rich” compared to the rest of the world. Remember, James 5:1-6. You may click here to view all windows that need sponsorship. Click here for more bible verses about poverty & how Jesus commands a true Christian to take care of them.

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