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God’s Blessing of Goats and Worship in Siaya & Kibera Kenya

Brother Joseph traveled to Siaya last week to visit the brethren and the new goats we secured last month. They are going great and the brethren are thanking Jesus. Her is an update from Joseph:

Amen dear brethren. I’m back in Kibera from visiting Siaya (Western) Kenya where our other fellowship is. We had a blessed fellowship and the brethren send their regards to all our supporters. I thank God for safe travels. I was busy in the village feeding goats and fellow-shipping with our brethren there. I and some brethren collected left-over cabbage leaves from the open-air market. It’s so good for goats and I planted some grass too as it’s planting season. Our rainy season here. We love and thank all our partners and GMFC for their love to us. God bless you all. Amen.

-Bro Joseph Otieno (Overseer Siaya & Kibera)
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