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Worship in the Kibera Slum

KIBERA SLUM, KENYA UPDATE 11-4-2018: All glory to Lord Jesus. I thank God for allowing us to stand before Him in prayers. Sunday fellowship was full of prayers and thanking God for standing with us and our mission. We dedicated all our prayers to all our mission partners and allRead More

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The Heavy Hand on the Wicked Preached in the Kibera Slum

Glory to the highest King of Kings. A very blessed Sunday full of God’s presence. I thank God for both fellowships, children and adults. They were so lovely raising Jesus’ name in the biggest slum of Nairobi, Kibera. Adults service was on “The heavy hand of God on the wicked”Read More

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Jesus is Worshipped in the Kibera Slum Kenya

UPDATE OCTOBER 14TH, 2018 KIBERA SLUM KENYA: “Praise the Lord brethren. Once again, we say thank you all and God bless you. We greatly appreciate your prayers and support. All the glory goes to Jesus. I thank God for a blessed Sunday as the fellowship was full of God’s spirit. ChildrensRead More

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Repairing & Providing 3 Huts for 3 Women & Their Children – Kibera Slum Kenya

An update from our brethren on the progress on repairing huts 3 women and children will call home. An incredible blessing! Bro Joseph  reports: “We thank the Lord brethren. We’ve been renewing the huts for our  three sisters and their children. We’ve changed the roof with new iron sheets andRead More

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The Humble Saints of the Kibera Slum

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2018 (KIBERA SLUM & SIAYA KENYA) Praise Jesus brethren. Sunday was so blessed and the Kibera fellowship was full of the Holy Spirit. We’ve seen the presence of Lord in Kibera fellowship. I thank God because of the brethren He gave me to shepherd. They are so humbleRead More

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The Love of the Brethren Shines in the Kibera Slum

Praise Lord brethren,a great day again for us in the Kibera Slum. God is good and we love what He’s doing in our life, glory to Jesus. I thank all of our supporters and all who are praying for us, may God bless you in Jesus name. Great Lord’s dayRead More

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Clean Water & Living Water in the Kibera Slum Kenya

We worship and praise Lord for awesome Sunday fellowship, I thank God for blessings in our fellowship Kibera slum, church brethren are so thankful to our dear sponsors and partners, prayer to you all, God bless you. Sunday fellowship was so strong. Children’s teaching was “Jesus and Lazarus” by BrRead More

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The Grace of God is Preached & Lived Out in the Kibera Slum Kenya

UPDATE 9/9/2018: Sunday was so great day in the Kibera Slum, (Nairobi) as the weather was so lovely. I thank God for His work for all creatures. Fellowship was good and attendance was so great, I thank God for those who came. It was a funny day as almost allRead More

Kibera Slum Mission Update 9-2-2018

The Kibera Slum Brethren are Filled with the JOY of JESUS

Nairobi has been cold for 3 days now. No sun to be seen but I thank God it’s been a blessing to have a good, Holy Spirit filled Lord’s Day fellowship. First service for children and 2nd for adults. I thank God for brother Peter who has helped us soRead More

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17,400 Gospel Tracts Arrive in Kenya and More on the Way

AUGUST 26TH, 2018 UPDATE: 17,400 forty-eight page gospel tracts have been distributed to our 3 Kenyan mission fields (Kibera, Moi’s Bridge & Moyale) in English and Swahili. An additional 7,500 are on the way in Luo & Borana languages, Praise Jesus! This is our 2nd shipment in the last 12 months and we areRead More

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