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Preaching the Narrow Way to Heaven in the Kibera Slum

The “99%+” false churches all over the world preach a godless “gospel” that does not save. They preach a wide, worldly road to eternal destruction as the Holy Bible clearly warns us in 2nd Peter Chapter 2, the book of Jude and elsewhere in the Word of God. Brother JosephRead More

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Siaya Kenya Widows Receive Spiritual & Physical Food & Milk Goats!

Brother Joseph spent a couple weeks at the Siaya, Kenya fellowship and built the goat pen as well as blessed the widows and others with food and other necessities. We pray the 4 goats provide much needed nutritious milk for the brethren. SPONSOR A WIDOW BELOW You can filter usingRead More

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Pastor George is Walking on Gold Streets & GOATS for SIAYA

As bro Joseph was finally able to travel from the Kibera Slum, where he lives, to Siaya, where he grew up and where we have a fellowship (after 4 months of COVID lockdown), he found his younger (biological and spiritual) brother sick. Just a couple days later, bro George wasRead More

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The Fellowship of the Brethren in the Kibera Slum

The lockdown has decimated the 3rd World but by the grace of God and the obedience of the few saints walking Holy for Jesus, we are able to help the brethren with necessities. Of course the need is so great and much more is needed for sure. Many are stillRead More

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The Dear Sisters of the Kibera Slum Kenya

Praise Jesus dear brethren. We are so thankful, praying for our few partners who help these precious souls with the necessities of life. May God bless you. Fellowship was good today as we thanked God for the good opportunity He gave us to raise His name. Kibera brethren are wellRead More

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The Proclamation of the Gospel & Teaching Continues in Nairobi Kenya

The dear brethren in the Kibera Slum continue to do the world of Jesus. Brother Joseph updates: We’re going underground brethren studying door to door and open air, but it’s good the message is going everywhere…. I do get time with children teaching them also….. It’s not easy gathering peopleRead More

Covid 19 Relief Market GMFC WFF Kibera Slum Nairobi Kenya May 11th 2020

The Blessings of a Few Benefit Many in the Kibera Slum

A blessed video update from brother Joseph Otieno. An indigenous missionary in the front lines of Kenya. The SARS Corona Virus is decimating the 3rd World. Please watch the video and pray to help these precious souls. SPONSOR A CHILD SPONSOR A WIDOW

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A Fast Track to Self-Sufficiency in the Kibera Slum

I am blessed to announce the efforts of a few are really paying off as we now have chickens at our Kibera fellowship. Brotehr Joseph states: Praise God dear brethren, my chicken has expanded. I bought one hen and now I have eggs and chicken meat also, praise Jesus. ThanksRead More


The Kibera Slum Brethren Receive Corona Virus Relief

We are blessed to announce that the COVID-19 relief we are providing in the most impoverished places on earth is received with incredibly humble and appreciative hearts. The shutdown is absolutely crushing the 3rd World where 90%+ of their daily wage (around $1-$3 per day) is used for food. Now,Read More

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Millions Will Perish of Coronavirus in Africa if we Don’t Help

Words cannot describe the devastation a worldwide shutdown has had in the 3rd world where people eat with daily wages of $1, $2 or $3 dollars per day… This money for the basic necessities has been taken away due to the virus hysteria…. Bro Jospeh updates from the Kibera Slum:Read More

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